September 19, 2021

MOIR’s Research

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Customized Serial Manipulators using Unconventional Modular Libraries

  • Task-based optimal customized manipulator configuration designs.
  • Unconventional Modular library design to incorporate Modularity and Reconfigurability.
  • Optimal Architecture planning and design of the modules based upon manipulator kinematics and dynamics
  • Unified and Automatic Modeling and control of Modular and Reconfigurable Manipulators
MOIR’s Mark – 2
MOIR’s Mark – 1

Rehabilitation Exoskeleton: Towards Modular Designs

  • Task-based dimensional synthesis of wearable upper limb exoskeletons.
  • Modular design of upper limb rehabilitation device.
  • To cater the challenge of anatomical alignment and length adjustment.
  • Optimal configuration selection of hybrid mechanism for exoskeleton design.

  • Robotic Assistance in Agricultural fields.
  • Task-oriented configuration design for vertical farms.
  • Modular system design for Vertical agriculture farm set up

  • Modular mobile manipulator design for vertical agriculture farm

  • Modular design of bio-inspired active camouflage skin for robots