July 1, 2017


Modular Robotics in Service Sector

(Design, Manufacturing and Control, IIT Ropar)

A broad perspective is presented for the utilization of modular robotic arms in various industrial tasks, particularly for cluttered environments. Parameters-based modules are proposed to develop reconfigurable manipulators according to the robotic parameters, resulting out of the design procedure.
Vision: A multi-layered approach for modules inventory, which can be referred as base for the further additions in the types of modules required in the library. A case study on a realistic problem of challenging welding sites has been worked upon recently as one example of the upper layer of multi-layered spectrum.

A Multi-layer approach to showcase the spectrum of possible service applications of modular robotic manipulators

Environment Development in Customised Robot Design

(ME+CSc, IIT Ropar)

Exact construction of the manipulator’s environment and the boundaries is of significant importance because of its impact on manipulator design. A common approach of determining manipulator workspaces is geometric modelling. However, it is difficult and time consuming to develop a geometric model of a cluttered environment. So this approach will help in generating geometric model of a real environment by taking images of the environment.