July 29, 2019

Autonomous Robots: A Hands-on Hardware and Software Workshop

Date of workshop: 01-02nd of October, 2019
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Autonomous robots: A hands-on hardware and software workshop
Autonomous robots: A hands-on hardware and software workshop

The robotics community has made impressive progress in recent years. Reliable and inexpensive robot hardware—from land-based mobile robots, to quadrotor helicopters, to humanoids—is more widely available than ever before. Perhaps even more impressively, the community has also developed algorithms that help those robots run with increasing levels of autonomy. In spite of (or, some might argue, because of) this rapid progress, robots do still present some significant challenges for software developers.

Over the past decade, ROS (Robot Operating System) has come in as a development standard for the community across the globe. It has made way for cross-platform and collaborative development with seamless integration of a range of hardware. For any aspiring robotics engineer or enthusiast, it is today necessary to have an understanding and ability to develop with ROS. It is the students of today, who will be innovators and pioneers of tomorrow.

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How do you make a robot?
What goes into making a car “see” the world and drive by itself?

If you want to enter the world of autonomous drones, cars, surgical robots, a humanoid or anything else in your wild imagination but don’t know
where to start, this workshop is for you.

If you have begun your robotics journey with robot assembly and an Arduino, but want your robot do more, this workshop is for you.

Over the course of one and half days, we go to the heart of robot software: ROS (Robot Operating System), with plenty of programming, simulation experimentation in Gazebo and a full day of hands-on experience with a ROS robot.

Key highlights:

  1. Introduction and hands-on programming with ROS
  2. Sensor integration and robot simulation with Gazebo.
  3. From simulation to reality: Program your own robot.


  1. Some familiarity with Ubuntu.
  2. Basics of C/C++ OR Python.
  3. Most importantly, the enthusiasm to make robots!

About the speakers:

Speakers: Mr. Zubin Priyansh and Mr. Gaurav Gupta are co-founders of Black Coffee Robotics, a high-velocity robotics startup. They have many years of experience dealing with robots both in the industry and across leading universities of the world.
With this workshop, the attendees get a great opportunity to interact with them and get excited about a career in robotics.

Workshop Outline:

Day Module Key Learning
Day 1 Introduction to ROS
Oct-1, 17:00-19:30
1. Introduction to robotics
2. ROS in the world of robotics
3. ROS file-system, packages, nodes, launch files
4. Hands-on programming with Publishers-Subscribers, Services
Day 2 Gazebo Sim (Arm Robot Mdeling),
Self Driving Robots
Oct-2, 09:00-:12:00
1. Gazebo as a dynamic simulator
2. Hands on: Arm robot modelling,
dynamics and sensors in gazebo
3. move_it for application development
4. Self-driving robots=
5. Sensors used in navigation
6. Move_base as a navigation framework
Project on a ROS robot
(Batch-1, Oct-2, 13:30-16:00)
1. Hardware introduction and kinematics, sensor data visualization
2. Project: Teleoperation, tracking application using computer vision
3. Debugging, Q/A.
(Batch-2, Oct-2, 16:30-19:00) Same as above

We look forward to welcoming you at our workshop!
Venue: IIT Ropar
Date of workshop: 01-02nd of October, 2019
Registration Fee:
500/- (IIT Ropar Fraternity)
1000/- (Outside Registrant)

The registration fee includes 5 Years PunjRobotics forum membership

Hostel Accommodation will be provided on paid basis.

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